Since our business begun in 1954, our family business for three generations now,is proud of being one of the most advanced and specialized manufacturers of latex balloons for party decorations in the world.

For over than 50 years we have filled with happiness and smiles millions of children and adults with the magic of shapes, types and colors of our company.

This family business has been growing through three generations. Today, our company is Europe’s leading manufacturer of latex balloons and a key reference for balloon industries worldwide.

Our performance.

Manufacturing latex balloons since 1954, Comercial Persan can now produce over 1 billion latex balloons per year using the most advanced industrial and proprietary technology.

The collection of Comercial Persan and Royaltex is one of the most complete and innovative ranges Range of multiple shapes and sizes of balloons. See our range of shapes, sizes and colors.

Quality and Safety.

This is our most precious goal. Therefore we declare under our responsibility that we are manufacturers and marketers of advertising balloons and party decoration, being certified with the ISO 9000 for quality and ISO 14000 for environmental by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification   –AENOR—since 1996.

  • NORMA UNE-EN 71 DE NOVEMBER 2012 ( Part 1). Physical and mechanical properties
  • NORMA UNE-EN 71 DE NOVEMBER 2011 ( Part 2). inflammability
  • NORMA UNE-EN 71 2013 ( Part 3). Migration of certain elements.
  • NORMA UNE-EN 71 1995 ( Part 6). Graphic symbol for labeling.
  • NORMA UNE-EN 71 2005+A1 ( Part 9) .Oorganic and chemicals components
  • NORMA UNE-EN 71-12 2013 (nitrosamines and nitrosatables)
  • REAL DECREE 1205/2011 OF BOE 31/08/11.
  • REAL DECREE 1801/2003 OF BOE10/01/04
  • Exemption carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic REACH 1907/2006


In 1994, C.P. was awarded with the Mercury export Award for being the most exporting company of the year by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce of the Region of Murcia.

Companies in the World.

Currently, C.P. balloons are exported to over 60 countries worldwide. This confirms us as the Spanish leader in the manufacture and export of balloons to the world.

Quality policy and environment.

  • In COMERCIAL PERSAN, S.A. the strategy of our product development, the level of quality and respect for the environment makes them competitive and appropriate to the needs of its customers and the environment in which its activities are developed.
  • We seek to understand and meet the needs and expectations of our clients to achieve our goal to enchant them all, both internal and external, constantly innovating to anticipate their demands so that we become indispensable in your organization.
  • We measure our success by the degree of customer loyalty and sense of satisfaction with the products we offer.
  • We share our ideas to advance the principles of quality management, environment and occupational health and safety, both internally and externally to the organization applying as concept of work process management and bearing in mind the imperative “think globally , act locally. “
  • We strictly comply all applicable legislation and other requirements applicable to our business adopting codes of practice.
  • We clearly define quality, environment and occupational health and safety and establish annual measurable objectives for all our activities, wherever possible, make a track of the progress made by the internal audit of the company.
  • We listen and respond to all ideas and suggestions.
  • We give each employee the opportunity to apply the principles of quality, environment and occupational health and safety in our daily work. We ensure that each employee receives clear performance expectations and training to advance their personal and professional growth.
  • We cooperate in environmental education, in quality, safety and health of our community and with institutions and organizations that promote innovative solutions. We are making available to our customers, employees and the general public the necessary information for understanding the impact of our activities and active participation in its improvement.
  • We make our products so that, notwithstanding the quality of our product or service, meet the environmental, health and safety objectives set.
  • We reduce consumption of raw materials, natural resources and waste management, making our production processes are increasingly efficient.
  • We continuously strive for excellence as an organization and as individuals through continuous improvement, management intelligence and corporate knowledge.