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Comercial Persan S.A. is your reliable latex balloons manufacturer. Along the years we have been providing happiness and smiles to millions of people worldwide.  This is possible thanks to the great variety of colours, shapes and figures that you can find in our catalogue. In Comercial Persán we put all our efforts in wholesale balloons sales. In Comercial we have a wide catalogue of latex balloons. Ranging from latex color balloons, balloons for special occasions, advertising balloons, and different shapes and figures balloons. Inside these balloon categories you can find happy birthday balloonshelium balloons, printed balloons, coloured balloons, water balloons… You can even create your own customized balloons concerning colour, shape or figure desired. From Comercial Persan we are always adapting to the needs of our customers in order to provide them with the best service. A balloon is a product which can be used in any stage of life, always linked to concepts of amusement, trust and closeness.

Their uses in different situations are broad: a party where balloons are used as decoration ( balloons), a corporate event to create brand awareness (advertising ballons) or a wedding as a special event (). You can also get accessories such as helium for balloons filling, balloon pumps, etc. Would you like to provide a special experience to your customers in a place with a nice decoration? In Comercial Persan you will be able to buy balloons choosing among the multiple options we offer to meet your expectations. Comercial Persan, your reliable latex balloons wholesaler. Get advice from one of the best latex balloon manufacturer and all your events will be full of good quality balloons helping to improve the decoration at the best price. 

Our main categories of balloons

globos de colores - comercial persan

Coloured balloons

globos por formas - comercial persan

Modelling balloons

fiesta con globos - comercial persan

Party balloons

globos impresos - comercial persan

Personalized balloons

Some of our most important products

globos de cumpleaños - comercial persan

Number balloons

globos gigantes - comercial persan

Giant balloons

globos de agua - comercial persan

Water balloons

globos de cumpleaños -comercial persan

Birthday balloons

globos personalizados - comercial persan

Printed Balloons

globos de colores - comercial persan

Hellium balloons

globos para bodas - comercial persan

Balloons for weddings

helio para globos - comercial persan

Hellium for balloons

  • Bolsa 10 globos azul suave perlado ref. 11261
  • Bolsa 10 Globos metalizados verde ref. 11262
  • Bolsa 10 globos rojos ref. 11205
  • Pack of 100  crystal red heart Valentines balloon ref. 40532
  • Pack of 12 pink balloons ref. 20404
  • Pack of 25 gold/silver pearlised balloons ref. 44409
  • Pack of 25 fucsia balloons ref. 44310
  • Pack of 50 red heart balloons ref. 43331
  • Pack of 50 model fucsia balloons ref. 43306
  • Pack of 50 Turquoise balloons ref. 43305
  • Pack of 100 pearly lilac heart balloon ref. 40432
  • Pack of 100 red heart balloons ref. 40332
  • Pack of 100 yellow balloons ref. 40312

Some facts about the balloon world

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